Monday, March 31, 2014

unrequited love


Safe me from this unrequited love
For I can’t withstand the enduring pain
 The gulf of pain, wrecked the ship of my peace
Oh…this unworthy love of mine
Can’t illumine my shadowed life
Darkness creeps me within
Can’t uphold myself to meet your gaze
Your presence stoops me now

Drowned by your bitterness
I gasped for air of freedom
Agony defines my life
Coldness overwhelms me inside
How can the light skim away?
Farther away from me

The clouds of betrayal lingers above
As though it’ll shower its wrath
To thee I pray,
Never let love darken my door again
For I’ve aggrieved it well
I’ve no strength to confront it
Nor the wisdom to understand
Pray that time elapse away
The pain bygone with it  

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