Monday, March 31, 2014

Wind of change

Time have lapsed away
Yet I remain attached to the nostalgia
Of the remaining fragments
The spree of life was bottled for you
But you saccharine it blissfully

Innocence filled our past; of our time
Unaware of hectic cosmos around
But it’s far away now; eons away
It’s only the fragments that’s left
Savored in this agony circus
Unfelt, by the universe or forgotten

Your last image daggered my soul
Fresh tears slides with your memory
Rooted to the ground I stood
While you drenched in blood lay
Eying me for help; your last hope
Alas! Forgive me my dear
For I couldn’t assist you; numb I remained
I watched you being taken away
Far away from my life, from my grasps

How I wish to turn back the wheel
To moment every single second
To savor your cheering laughter
And play without fear of world
To sing without dread of being heard
But it’s gone now, never to turn
Gone with the wind of change

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