Sunday, May 11, 2014


The missing chapters of my life are now filling up. The empty pages that once tormented me are slowly being engraved. Maybe it was me who never had the courage to turn the page. I thought that being successful and leading a content life was the purpose my life. I assumed that leading the way was better than being led. Although, it turned out that it was a part of a mirage created by my selfishness ‘If I do well, I will live up to everyone’s expectation’ that’s what always occupied my mind. Until now, I have only thought of succeeding and doing well. It was only, I, me and myself, because I thought that destiny was our own making. However, my life took a different turn. The introvert me began to fade and I realized that I wasn’t the only one to feel that way. I recognized the strength and connections of friendship. My friends helped me and guided me to a new path of life. They taught me that challenges in life are lesson in disguise. I learnt to acknowledge and was acknowledged on return.
Who really am I? What’s my destiny? And where does my future lie? Before, it took me eternity to answer these questions as I had no clue of what I wanted in life. But, now I realized what the purpose of my life is. Other than family obligation, societies’ responsibilities and as a student, I do have additional role to play. The role that can influence the people. I always had a passion in writing, but never have I thought that I would take it as my career.  It doesn’t matter whether I become a journalist or not, but I want to give voice to the unvoiced, create awareness and to help the deprived ones. I may not be the best but I don’t want to lack behind either. It’s really difficult to define myself. Sometimes I am crazy yet I am rational. I am impatient but I am tolerant too. Usually I don’t converse with people but at-times I become talkative. I live with the philosophy, “No one can make you inferior unless yourself.”

With the small community, our actions can make a big difference. The future that I have decided on is filled with difficulties and competition. Nevertheless, through guidance and assistance from teachers and friends I will be able to fulfill my destiny. Not a soul can predict the future. No one knows what life has been stored for us. But then again, it’s in our capability to make it better. There’s a distinction between creating a better future and dreaming of better future. Any person can dream of better prospect but only a hard-working with passion can create a future. For that reason, I want to work hard and create a better hope for everyone. despite my own failure and weakness i have already embarked on this journey.The journey to my destiny has already begun. 

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  1. Life goes on dear...Whether we like it or not...whether we complain or we does not cease to stop...The only way we can cherish life is by accepting everything that comes our way..Be grateful each day for the Life we have because many do not have this privilege. Just don't survive. Go live your life. Let people know of your presence !!!


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